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San Francisco ADA Website Accessibility & PPC Services

What is Web Accessibility and Why Should You Care About It?

People with disabilities comprise 20% of the world’s population. Web accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards and design guidelines, that are meant to allow this 20% of our population to effectively use websites.

To achieve this, the W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) has created the “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines” 2.1 (WCAG 2.1), which are meant to explain and guide developers on how to make websites accessible. These guidelines have been adopted by governments around the world and are now a part of various legislation, such as the ADA, Section 508, EN 301549, and others.

How Can Our Web Accessibility Solution Help Protect Your Business from Lawsuits?

The WCAG focuses mainly on three areas of accessibility:

  • blind people using screen readers
  • people with motor impairments that are using the keyboard
  • and a variety of other disabilities such as color blindness, epilepsy, and minor visual impairments that mainly focus on the website user interface and design

We have partnered with the only artificial intelligence powered compliance solution that makes web accessibility simple, automatic, immediate and affordable, and in compliance with the WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and other worldwide legislation. Our solution was developed over the course of 18 months alongside people with disabilities, including blind individuals who are leading experts in assistive technologies. One of them is a lead developer of JAWS, the most popular and advanced screen-reader in the world. We are proud to offer a solution that is revolutionizing the industry.

AI being applied for web accessibility applications is a revolutionary concept, consisting of three major advantages:

1. Easy implementation and fast process – involves installation of a JS code that scans, analyzes and solves accessibility compliance gaps in up to 48 hours. Immediately after installation a tool set is made available for people with disabilities to apply session-based adjustments as an overlay to your website, according to their needs, and without interfering with your code base, loading times, UI (user interface) or design.

2. Ongoing compliance – After the initial 48 hours, the platform will re-scan and re-analyze your website every 24 hours to ensure that any new content, widgets, or pages are also adapted and thereby compliant with the WCAG 2.1 and ADA standards.

3. Price – Being fully automated and using AI allows us to dramatically cut costs of becoming compliant and ultimately makes the process of web accessibility – accessible.

The process of becoming ADA compliant using our solution is very simple:

  1. Install our single line of JS code.
  2. Your website instantly displays our accessibility interface.
  3. Our AI starts scanning and analyzing your website.
  4. In 48 hours, our AI is finished, and your website is compliant.
  5. Our AI re-scans for new and revised content to process every 24 hours.

The accessibility interface solves 30% of the ADA and WCAG 2.1 requirements immediately. This includes mostly UI and design features such as sizing, colors and spacing. The remaining 70% are solved within 48 hours, by AI that runs in the background and adjusts your website, to make it operable using a screen reader (for blind people) and the Keyboard (for the motor impaired). The AI process includes several solutions: ALT (alternate text) attribute creation for images using image recognition and OCR technologies, form label creation and handling link/button icons using a contextual understanding technology, as well as fixing popups, menus, dropdown, forms, and more.

Please note: Our platform will not change a thing for the majority of users. It will only be activated when turned on via the interface (or a Screen-reader if the user is blind), as an overlay to your website, and only to the user’s specific session. Therefore, our solution won’t affect your design, UI, or performance at all. The entire process is automated. From remediation to becoming compliant. Additionally, we don’t collect user data, so we don’t affect your GDPR requirements.

What is the cost of Inner Architect’s web accessibility solution?

Subscription fees begin at $995 per year. Setup and customization fee: $200

Call us at 415-485-6961 or submit a contact form to learn how your business can get web accessibility compliant.

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