Using Your Blog to Power Your Law Firm SEO Strategy

Using Your Blog to Power Your Law Firm SEO Strategy

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Staying up on the latest focuses of Google’s search algorithm will give you the intelligence from which to build the most effective law firm SEO strategy.  A search engine algorithm is a formula used by Google to take a user’s search terms and combine them with information on websites to provide the person performing the search with the best possible match.

Google’s latest algorithmic update—called Hummingbird—addresses the fact that conversational search–asking a question rather than typing keywords–has become the norm over short keyword terms. This trend has evolved from the fact that most people searching on mobile devices speak queries into the voice search feature. We are now seeing 20% or more of law firm website traffic coming from mobile devices.

This shift to conversational search means that your blog has become a more powerful tool in your law firm SEO strategy. Blogging is done in a conversational style, and you have all the freedom to create content that supports your law firm’s SEO strategy. We are currently seeing more than 50% of traffic being generated by organic searches for law firms with blogs.

 Blogging Tips to Fuel Your Law Firm SEO Strategy

  •  If your firm has several areas of practice, publish articles that promote all practice areas that you wish to generate new cases for, not just those that are current now. Not only will this help your law firm SEO strategy, but it will also make it clear to those who visit your blog that you do practice in all of these areas.
  • Host your blog on the domain with your website. This will ensure that the traffic generated by the blog articles will land on your website. While some of the large legal marketing companies building websites for law firms won’t allow this, be aware that you are doing your law firm’s SEO strategy a major disservice if you walk down this path.
  • Publish more frequently. Frequent, fresh content is what makes a site most relevant in Google’s eyes. The more relevant your content, the higher you will be placed in search results. And the more often you publish, the more traffic you will drive to your site.

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