Marketing Agency Inner Architect Awarded Google Partner Status

Marketing Agency Inner Architect Awarded Google Partner Status

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I am very happy to announce that Inner Architect has earned the distinction of being a Google Partner marketing agency. The Google Partner badge, which is now proudly displayed on our website, shows that Inner Architect is recognized as a trusted business partner by Google.

“Companies that earn the Partner badge show that their business is healthy, their clients are happy, and they follow Google best practices.” — Google

How does a marketing agency gain the Google Partner trust?

One of the requirements for Google Partner status is Adwords certification. This shows that the professionals within the agency have advanced Adwords knowledge and are well equipped to responsibly and effectively manage client accounts. Inner Architect passed the Adwords Fundamentals exam and the Advanced Search Advertising exam to gain our certification.

Another partner status requirement is an ongoing Adwords spend that indicates an active client portfolio and shows that the marketing agency is continuing to earn the trust of its clients. An agency also needs to demonstrate to Google that the essentials covered in the Google certification exams have been mastered and that the marketing agency is maximizing its clients’ campaign performance. Google’s review includes ensuring that the marketing agency’s clients are getting excellent service, reviewing the type and frequency of the strategy changes, client retention, and whether the agency is making the most of its clients’ budgets.

How businesses benefit by working with a Google Partner marketing agency

Adwords advertisers that work with Google Partner agencies have a couple of key top-level benefits working for them. Google Partners are highly  educated in Adwords best practice strategies and are held accountable to the quality of the services they provide to clients.

Google Partners have a direct working relationship with Google. Google Partner agencies hear about new products and programs directly from Google and are given access to the latest training and updates. Marketing agencies with Partner status are provided with a consultant who is available to discuss best practices and optimization strategies. Advertisers working with Google Partner agencies are in the position to receive the highest level of TLC.

Google Partners are under the constant scrutiny of Google. Google’s reputation is at stake when they recommend a marketing agency, so they employ an ongoing review of how an agency is performing for their clients. If an agency does not meet Google’s best practice standards, they run the risk of losing their Partner status.

Unique Google Partner

We at Inner Architect are excited about our new Google Partner status and recognize it as one way we stand apart from other marketing agencies. Yet there are other ways that we stand apart:

We are seasoned marketers. We have been practicing the science of marketing before Google was even in existence. We cut our teeth in traditional offline marketing, which enabled us to learn the science of marketing and its core principles. Many digital marketers today do not have experience in traditional marketing and are uneducated on strategies that were utilized before the Internet. Many traditional principles that had been developed and honed since the early twentieth century are still applicable today. The most effective digital marketing agency is knowledgeable about traditional marketing principles and integrates them into their digital strategies.

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