Live Chat Services Now Offered by Inner Architect

Live Chat Services Now Offered by Inner Architect

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Inner Architect is happy to announce a new offering – live chat services.

Why do we want to provide live chat services? Because we have seen first-hand the impact live chat—or better said, the right chat service—can have on converting website visitors to clients or customers.

We became sold on our live chat partner very soon after we implemented the service with one of our law firm clients. We had generated over 900 leads for them in a six-month period and none of the leads had converted into cases. Within one week of implementing our live chat service, the first case was signed. Two more followed within the next four weeks.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Live Chat Services?

Let’s face it. We are an instant gratification society. When we want it, we want it now. We don’t like to wait for someone to call or email us back. We want to get moving on getting our needs met now.

The messaging features on our smart phones have us hooked on real-time conversation. Live chat services enable you to engage visitors who prefer not to speak to an agent over the phone or wait for a reply from a website contact form. Live chat gives you the ability to initiate real-time, proactive communication with online visitors 24/7. You prolong the engagement of the prospect while they are reviewing other options to meet their needs.

How Do Inner Architect’s Live Chat Services Work?

Live chat is installed on your website by adding a small code snippet. Once the chat monitoring is enabled, website visitors are invited to engage with a trained live chat agent 24/7 while browsing your website.

The agent uses a script customized to your business to engage the visitor and gather information about their needs or interests. Agents ask for contact name, phone number and email address. While website visitors are not required to provide this information, in our experience, most do.

Upon completion of each chat, we immediately email (and/or SMS) you all new leads and provide you with monthly lead reports. And during business hours, if you or someone on your team is available to take calls, we have the ability to connect the visitors to your business phone.

SMS Chat Feature Available

Leverage the opportunity to engage prospects through their preferred communication style by enabling SMS on your mobile website.

The SMS feature works by assigning a unique text phone number to your company. The SMS text phone number is added to your website so your visitors can chat via their native mobile texting app.

Our agents conduct the SMS text chats and email or text the lead information. Visitors can be connected to you by phone if you so desire.

Why Inner Architect’s Live Chat Services?

We did our homework before selecting our live chat partner. Our research involved sampling a number of live chat services available. We found other service providers to be very aggressive in the manner in which they sought to obtain contact information. Others provided a frustrating user experience by sticking to a script that didn’t bend with real-time questioning.

Inner Architect’s live chat services offer you these benefits:

  • You simply receive leads. No involvement by you or your team is needed
  • You receive the service of fully trained chat agents
  • You pay only for valid leads – defined by your criteria
  • Get the highest lead quality
  • Obtain 24/7 web monitoring and lead conversion

Try us out yourself!

Click on our chat button to speak to one of our agents. If you’re calling during business hours, you’ll be connected by phone with an Inner Architect consultant. If you are reaching out after business hours, we will receive a notification with your contact details and needs immediately upon completion of the chat. We will respond to you quickly.

Inner Architect’s History of Marketing Achievement

We established Inner Architect in 2008 during one of the worst economic recessions America has endured since the Great Depression. Coming from a background of traditional direct marketing, we launched Inner Architect as a social media agency at first. In our early days, many people thought that working within the social networks—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn–was just a passing fad and something no legitimate business would use as a marketing channel to increase revenue. But luckily we met other believers who became our first clients.

Today, Inner Architect is a full service digital marketing agency with a client list that includes the New York Times, Media One (San Francisco Giants television broadcasting partner), Opus One Winery one of the top boutique wine brands in the world, Kazan, McClain, Satterley, & Greenwood of Oakland, California pioneers in asbestos litigation, Gary Gwilliam author, partner in employment law firm Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli, & Brewer, and the Santa Clara County Association of Realtors to name a few.

Susan Hanshaw – Principal & Chief Marketing Strategist

Susan Hanshaw is “architect” and creator of Inner Architect. As the chief marketing strategist, Susan works with all of our prospective clients to understand how to build a marketing program that increases revenue. With an extensive background and 20 year track-record in direct and digital marketing, Susan has developed and managed lead generation and customer contact strategies on both the client and vendor sides. Susan has worked for and consulted with companies from Bank of America, Time Inc., Home Depot and Victoria’s Secret to hundreds of small to medium-sized niche businesses. Growing up in her career in the magazine industry, Susan got an ivy-league education while working under the wing of Direct Marketing Association Hall of Fame inductee John Klingel while she was circulation manager during the launch of Health magazine.

Dean Guadagni – Principal & Social Media Strategist

Dean Guadagni is Inner Architect’s chief social media strategist with a 30 year background in business development, sales management, and national account management experience. Dean was an early adopter of blogging, aka Citizen Journalism, and authored a nationally recognized self-help business blog. Dean was one of the first members of Blogburst, a platform used by America’s top news agencies and mass media companies as a source for business articles.  As a member of Blogburst, Dean’s articles have been published by,,, Ziff Davis Enterprise’s “Microsoft Watch”, Computer Shopper, and the Chicago Sun-Times to name a few.

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