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Client Intake Optimization Services

San Francisco client intake optimization services

In 2016, Inner Architect’s Principal & Chief Marketing Strategist Susan Hanshaw created an innovative strategy that has produced $450,000,000 in new case revenue for our law firm clients.
We call this strategy Client Intake Optimization.

Client Intake Optimization: Case Study

Our client is a nationwide personal injury law firm with a focus limited to cases involving catastrophic injury and death. Inner Architect was retained to help the firm attract new cases in an extremely competitive practice area.


Prior to retaining Inner Architect, the firm had a $1,000,000+ marketing budget without a reporting process in place. They were unable to evaluate ROI and did not have a tracking system in place to understand where leads were coming from.

The firm employed their own internal team to respond to leads. The internal staff had other job functions that often took them away from their desks, leaving incoming phone call leads going to voice mail. Without a process to respond to leads immediately, the firm lost numerous cases to other firms that followed up faster; often times within the hour.

Key Results

Client Intake

Inner Architect designed a system for client intake optimization that launched in June 2016.

Six Weeks Later

4 new cases were closed within six weeks of implementation—the first cases closed all year

Six Months Later

7 new cases in total were closed by the end of the year

The Following Year

12 new cases were closed the following year in 2017 using the same intake optimization process.

What is Client Intake Optimization?

Client intake optimization is the building of a process designed to manage leads so that they will have a high likelihood of becoming a client. The linchpin and key to this strategy is immediate response time(s), across multiple communication channels, and diligent follow-up, to any incoming potential client inquiries. This is a huge challenge for many firms. The primary challenge is the fact that these firms do not have a response strategy in place.

Response time strategy is an old problem that has plagued law firms for nearly a decade. This Harvard Business Review article outlines the challenges back then that are still challenges today.

An important example of response challenges is found in the daily incoming phone calls a firm receives. Many businesses don’t have the luxury of a dedicated staff person to answer incoming calls. Those firms that do have a point person in place often times rely on a general receptionist who simply transfers calls to the staff who can help the caller. The system breaks down resulting in lost opportunities if that staff person is away from their desk, out to lunch, or in a meeting. The caller is jettisoned to voice mail and is left wondering when and if they’ll get a call back. Technology has created an “instant need to know and be heard” evolution amongst consumers which ratchets up consumer expectations placing pressure on businesses to immediately, in real time, connect and communicate with these potential clients. Without a proper and rapid response, and continued communication, it is likely that the prospective client will move on, never to be heard from again, and continue their search with one of your competitors.

What Do You Get with Client Intake Optimization?

Inner Architect’s approach to client intake optimization stems from our experience in working with retail companies. We view client acquisition as a relationship building process, rather than simply a goal to sign new clients. And because direct marketing campaigns were the lifeblood of the retail world that we came from, we see lead tracking and lead management as key components of client intake optimization, especially for businesses with abundant marketing budgets.

Our intake optimization services are designed for businesses that want to apply a more strategic approach to lead management. You will learn the source that generated each new client and prospect, and the channel in which they reached out to you so that you can maximize the ROI of your marketing dollars. Our client intake optimization process will also help to uncover any conversion obstacles that might exist with your internal intake team. Inner Architect’s process will identify:

  • What is your firm’s closing rate?
  • How many leads that initiated contact turn unresponsive? And why?
  • Are leads falling through the cracks?
  • Are you investing in too many leads that are unqualified?
  • Are leads followed up with in a timely and systematic manner?

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