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Law Firm Marketing

San Francisco Law Firm PPC Marketing

It’s as simple as this statement: If you are reading this page you are most likely here because you must increase your law firm’s revenue by landing new cases. You probably need stronger law firm marketing.

We have a proven track record in helping firms increase revenues. Since 2016, Inner Architect Media has produced $450,000,000 in new revenues for our law firm clients. Since 2010, we have worked with plaintiff attorneys, many of whom are faced with the most competitive practice areas, including personal injury, toxic tort, employment, and family law.

Inner Architect Media’s Law Firm Marketing Credentials

Inner Architect Media is a Google Partner Agency. The Google Partner badge is awarded to companies with Google Ads skills and expertise. We are professional, seasoned marketers, not former attorneys studying to become marketers or case brokers charging exorbitant commissions for new cases. We are business developers, lead generators, marketing plan strategists, and committed to your return on investment. named Inner Architect One of the 9 Best Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies in San Francisco from 2019 to 2023.

Here is what Inner Architect brings to the table:

  • Google Marketing Partner agency status
  • Google Search marketing certification
  • We build digital and off-line lead generation to intake processes that are sustainable and profitable for solo practice attorneys to large firms
  • Experience managing annual marketing budgets ranging from a few thousand dollars to $2,000,000+ marketing budgets
  • We develop CRM systems that integrate incoming lead data to build a foundation for accountability for your intake process and measure the ROI of your marketing sources.
  • We are contributors to leading California legal publications Plaintiff and Advocate magazines
  • Our social media work was recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and earned a client the distinction of being named as a leader in law firm marketing on Twitter
  • Produced a yearly savings of $350,000 for one law firm client through an audit of marketing expenses


Law Firm Marketing Experience

Consumers often choose a law firm based on the level of experience, the firm’s track record, and the firm’s history within the practice area(s) important to the prospective client. It has been our experience that law firms vet marketing agencies in the same manner.

Established in 2007, Inner Architect Media landed its first law firm client in 2009 when we were hired by Founding Partner Gary Gwilliam of Oakland, California based Gwilliam, Ivary, Chiosso, Cavalli, & Brewer. Much of our work with the firm was in strategic digital support of their seven year battle against Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) on behalf of 130 former employees who were unfairly and illegally laid off. We communicated on the frontlines of social media as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ community managers, and acted as the distribution arm for the firm’s press releases, articles, and breaking news.


Law Firm Marketing Experience in Hyper-competitive Practice Areas

Having noticed the work we performed for Gary and his firm, one of the most influential and pioneering toxic tort firms in the United States hired Inner Architect Media in 2011.


Inner Architect Media Case Study – Toxic Tort Law Firm

Our toxic tort client in an ultra-competitive, high case value practice was having difficulty acquiring cases through their marketing efforts despite a seven-figure marketing budget. Inner Architect Media was retained to lead and manage the digital and print marketing efforts for the firm. While the volume of leads we generated more than doubled, the firm was unable to successfully close and convert any new cases with their intake department handling the leads.


Immediate Results

Inner Architect Media produced a 131% increase in leads generated from the website over the previous year while spending 39% less of our client’s budget in marketing expenses from the prior year. Inner Architect took over management of the inbound lead management process and within six weeks, four cases were closed. Seven cases in total were signed by the end of the year at a value of more than $10,000,000 to the firm. We achieved these results by:

  • Launching a Google Adwords (now Google Ads) campaign with superior copy, ad positioning, and bid strategies that generated new quality leads
  • Driving significant new traffic to the firm’s website from other paid advertising platforms both print and digital
  • Creating new landing pages that compelled prospects to take action and contact the firm
  • Content marketing by publishing new blog articles and producing video that boosted organic search results and leads visiting the firm’s website
  • Utilizing live chat on the firm’s website to initiate “live” real time conversations with prospects interested in anonymously learning about the firm’s practice
  • Connecting prospective clients directly via phone calls, in real time, from live chat conversations on the website to law firm staff who provided the assistance that would convert these leads
  • Introducing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system providing data that helps chart the firm’s marketing strategies
  • Introducing a rapid response system that requires the firm to contact all lead inquiries within 1-2 hours of initial prospect inquiries

These law firm marketing strategies produced a sustainable and repeatable process that helps our client attract prospective clients and convert these leads to new cases.

Law Firm Marketing Processes: First Steps to Landing New Cases

Inner Architect Media’s first step in generating new quality leads that convert to new cases for your firm is to perform a law firm marketing audit. Dependent upon the strategies and tactics you employ in your marketing program, Inner Architect Media’s audit will review:

  • Marketing Expenditures vs ROI: review the number and quality of leads produced from each marketing source. Review the relevance of the lead as well as number of lead outreaches made by prospective clients through email, phone calls, web contact forms. Provide recommendations on which sources to remove, which sources to add to your program, and what percentage of marketing budget should be spent with each source.
  • Paid Search Advertising Expenditures vs ROI: review your firm’s keyword and ad copy strategy and how each campaign is performing. Review ad positions, click through rates, and conversions landed from each campaign. We are certified marketers working on Google Adwords campaigns and can quickly assess your firm’s effectiveness in the search advertising space
  • Content Marketing: We evaluate your SEO and content strategy for your web pages and blog posts. We evaluate your effectiveness in producing content that distinguishes your firm as a recognized go-to-resource for your legal practice areas and desired geographic region(s)
  • Social Media: We analyze each of your social media properties for targeting and engagement opportunities, connectedness within each network, quality and quantity of messaging, and distribution reach

Law Firm Marketing Opportunities in Advertising: Linchpin to Landing New Cases

While an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is essential for getting your firm’s website ranked on the first page of Google organic search results, moving up in the rankings can take a significant amount of time and requires persistence. Depending on how competitive your keywords are, it could take your SEO program between 6 and 18 months to see movement in your rankings. Don’t believe anyone who tells you differently. If your case goals require a faster solution for generating prospects, you’ll need to consider other options.

Paid Search Advertising

Among the most effective ways to introduce your firm to a potential new client is through paid search advertising on Google’s pay per click program called Google Ads. These ads appear at the top of the search results pages (SERPs), above the organic (non-paid) listings. Despite the tag above their title reading “sponsored,” many consumers are unaware that these are paid advertisements. Rather than wait valuable months, critical time your competitors can use to their advantage, while you are building your SEO, you can pay to get seen on page one of Google search results immediately by developing Google Ads campaigns.

Online Legal Directories

Websites that help consumers find answers to everyday legal questions and legal counsel when necessary also provide a good way to get visibility and generate leads. There are a number of these online legal directories out there, yet they are not equal in their effectiveness. Some of them simply can’t compete on traffic volume because they are challenged in their own visibility.  Others can generate a large volume of leads, yet many of their strategies don’t produce high quality leads. Consequently, you end up wasting time reviewing unqualified poor leads that your firm is paying for.

Inner Architect Media has hands-on experience in working with and evaluating the major legal directories and can help steer you in the direction best suited for your practice area, budget and goals.

Inner Architect Suite of Services

The following are the services we provide that help law firms, like your firm, generate qualified leads that convert to new cases:

  • Strategic Consulting
    Offering the marketing expertise, strategies, and sustainable plan you never have the time, expertise, or human capital to launch and continually execute.  Established in 2008, Inner Architect Media has consulted with companies as large as the New York Times and as intimate as the solo entrepreneur. As early adopters and practitioners of digital marketing strategies, Inner Architect Media continues to provide businesses with marketing intelligence and return on investment.

  • Paid Search Marketing
    Inner Architect Media earned their stripes with recognition as a Google Partner agency. We have been certified by Google in Search. As a result of our experience and certification, we manage search engine marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large companies whose budgets range from very small to large 6-figure monthly expenditures.

  • Content Development
    Our background in publishing and copywriting experience goes back over 25 years. We have been writing copy and blog articles, publishing papers, and authoring guest contributor assignments for print and digital magazines and media companies, designed to inspire action, for the past 15 years. Our content provides a voice for your business, informs and entertains your clients, and attracts new prospects. The search engines must like our content, too. So we keep up on the latest Google algorithmic changes and incorporate the continual updates into our work.

  • Social Media Marketing
    The right social media strategy for your business can help legitimize your brand, raise brand awareness, increase sales, and significantly improve your customer service. A misinformed, poorly executed social media presence with no measurable goals will handicap your business and severely harm your brand with the clients you wish to attract and keep. And worse yet, the absolute absence of any social media presence will signal to your prospective clients and current customers that your firm does not care about them, doesn’t understand the business of law, and is not interested in engaging or informing their audience


Critical Response Times and Inner Architect Media’s Live Chat Service Impact

Response time is the most critical factor for a law firm in the fight to win new cases. According to the Harvard Business Review:

  • Most law firms are too slow to follow up on website leads
  • Law firms that waited 24 hours or longer to contact a prospect (after their initial inquiry) were a colossal failure.
  • Competitors that contacted a prospect within the first 60 minutes of the prospect’s inquiry were 60x more likely to qualify the lead by sharing meaningful conversations with the prospect.

Inner Architect Media’s Live Chat service is an affordable solution that can significantly shorten the critical time response gap while engaging your website visitors 24/7. This service appeals to visitors who prefer not to speak to an agent over the phone or wait for a reply from a website contact form. It also appeals to website visitors who want to initially remain anonymous without revealing their identity.

Clients realize on average a 35% increase in lead volume after enabling live chat. The added number of leads, coupled with the correct processes, should result in a higher conversion rate of prospective inquiries to new cases.

Website Development

As early adopters from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and now beyond, we believe every business should communicate their passion and purpose for doing what they do through a rich and friendly website experience for each visitor. We believe this begins with creating an inspiring publishing platform that informs readers and engages visitors in live real time conversations.

Learn more about a mobile-responsive website package that fits your needs, budget, and vision.

What is the Final Verdict?

If your marketing program is not producing new cases through a sustainable and repeatable set of law firm marketing strategies.  .  .

If you do not understand nor have proof of your marketing program’s ROI .  .  .

If your firm does not collect data, house customer data in a CRM, and does not analyze your proprietary data as intelligence to test new strategies.  .  .

If your Intake department is overwhelmed and unable to rapidly respond to prospective client inquiries coming from your website or advertising.  .  .

And, if you don’t have the manpower or trained marketing personnel on staff to execute marketing strategies that land new cases.   .  .

San Francisco PPC Marketing for Law Firms

Please contact us for answers to these tough questions. Our consultations are extremely effective in identifying problems, no obligation, and free to firms willing to listen and invest in their future. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We serve clients throughout the United States, including the San Francisco CA area. Contact Inner Architect Media today.

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