What You Should Know About Facebook Advertising

What You Should Know About Facebook Advertising

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Perhaps you’ve been hearing about Facebook’s push for advertising dollars and the tightening up of organic reach. You might be wondering if Facebook advertising is right for your business and how it works. I’m here today to outline the basics.

The advertising program on Facebook is very similar to Google Adwords and the other search engine paid search programs where small ads are displayed on a cost per click pricing model and a daily budget.

Yet rather than being a search program driven by keywords, Facebook advertising is delivered to people who fit the geographic, demographic and interest criteria selected by you, the advertiser. The geographic and demographic data is provided through the user’s Facebook profile. A user is selected as someone who has an interest if they have expressed interest in or have liked pages that are or related to the interest specified.

The Facebook ads can be set to display in the midst of the users’ news feed for optimal visibility.

A flaw in Facebook advertising filtering

There is a flaw in Facebook’s process for defining the target audience that limits your ability to filter by interests. Let’s say you wanted to reach an audience of people who are Vietnam War veterans and baseball fans. Facebook allows you to choose both of these interests as filters yet the flaw is that the process operates on an OR basis rather than AND. By that I mean that this filter will deliver an audience that is interested in the Vietnam War OR baseball, not the Vietnam War AND baseball. Since both interests are necessary to define the target, this criteria will deliver a lot of users who don’t fit your target profile and result in a waste of money spent.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider Facebook advertising. What it does mean is that you simply need to understand how your filter will work and choose accordingly.

How Facebook Advertising Pricing Compares to Google

We’ve seen the suggested cost per click for our clients’ Facebook advertising run less than 10% of what they pay with Google. Keep in mind, though, that they are different animals. The key benefit that Google Adword brings is users whose keyword searches are proving their want or need for your service or product in the moment.

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