Inner Architect’s Law Firm Marketing Management Article Featured in Plaintiff Magazine

Inner Architect’s Law Firm Marketing Management Article Featured in Plaintiff Magazine

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You may know how to run the business side of a law firm. But did you realize that marketing and legal advertising are a huge part of law practice management?   Plaintiff magazine’s in-depth issue on law practice management features Inner Architect’s article here: “Digital Marketing Management for Plaintiff Law Firms: The basics of implementing the digital marketing program you need to grow the firm.” Susan Hanshaw and I wrote it as a practical, approachable law firm marketing management guide to identify the systems and tools that will help you grow your legal practice revenues. This is not a how-to piece but instead it is a plan-outline of what you will need and some tips to help you along the way.

What You Will Learn About Law Firm Marketing Management

We decided the best way to help you would be to describe each system and tool you can leverage, what it does for your business, and give tips that will help you get ahead of your competition and stay there.

  • Law Practice Marketing Management Tools and Tips for

    a.) Google Analytics (site visitor behavior)
    b.) Google Ads          (lead generation and conversion)
    c.) Live Chat              (onsite communication channel)
    d.) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (Search visibility)
    e.) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (Data repository)

  • How to Execute Your Law Practice Marketing Management (LPMM)

    a.) Inhouse Human Capital Evaluation (Can you do it onsite?)
    b.) Consulting Agency Pros and Cons

What Does This Mean to You and Your Firm?

Law practice marketing management, an integral part of law practice management, requires planning and a mix of tools and systems that will meet your firms’ needs. The tools and systems reviewed provide benefits which include analyzing website visitor behavior,  a chance to be seen in search rankings when your competitors own the top organic positions, a method to optimize your firms’ organic search rankings, the opportunity to discover hidden website visitors and engage with them, and the benefit of creating a database of information that can be utilized as a historical baseline for present and future marketing campaigns.

Without these tools and systems, your firm will be at a disadvantage against your competitors in the search for new clients and firm growth.

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