Inner Architect Presents to Job Seekers at Marin Professionals

I’m happy to announce that Inner Architect was invited to present at Marin Professionals on Monday June 11, 2018. Our presentation, Using Social Media to Land a Job, will provide a closer look at the history and evolution of social media, social media’s role in job search, and the reasons why job seekers can no longer afford to ignore social networking as a vital part of their search. Marin Professionals is a “For-Purpose, Non-Profit organization supporting job-seeking professionals who are navigating career transitions and pursuing steady employment.” Having been a presenter to the Marin Professionals job group since 2008, Susan and I appreciate the opportunity to support experienced job seekers age 40+ who are looking for an edge in their job search.

Why Was Inner Architect Asked to Speak at Marin Professionals?

Besides the fact we have been presenters to this group for a decade, the number one reason we were asked to address job seekers is reluctance. Specifically, the reluctance job seekers have over adopting, using, and maintaining a presence on the most important social media platforms.

What Won’t I Get from this Presentation?

Let’s start with what you won’t get from our presentation. You won’t receive a granular level training session on how to use social network platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin in your job search. It’s impossible to train a group on one social network, let alone three or more, in one hour. Can’t do it – and we won’t try.

What Will I get from this Presentation?

  • What you will get are facts about the history and evolution of communication tools, today’s social media role in job search, and the reasons why job seekers can no longer afford to ignore social networking as a vital part of their search.
  • What you will get is a clean and clear perspective as to why you should not be hesitating to jump directly into and build your online presence utilizing these social networks.
  • What you will get are the reasons why hiring managers and owners don’t make their hiring decisions based on a resume, why they perform due diligence on job seekers, and why capturing your page one search engine results page within Google is critical to your career moving forward.

Inner Architect Outline for “Using Social Media to Land a Job” at Marin Professionals

  • Social Media is No Longer “New Media”
  • The Opportunity of Social Media
  • How Large is Your Digital Footprint?
  • Your Personal Brand: What Are You Selling?
  • Job Seeker vs Fledgling Entrepreneur
  • Linkedin Profile, Blogging vs Resume
  • Roadmap: The What and When of Your Posting
  • What Type of Content is Appropriate for Each Social Media Platform?

What Does This All Mean?

The biggest hurdle for older job seekers is their unwillingness to jump right in and learn the basics about social media. By not adopting these powerful communication tools, you are damaging your reputation by not monitoring your reputation, critically harming your perception as an up to date informed job seeker, and ignoring your competitors who are making  the effort to create and maintain an online presence that can be verified by any hiring manager or owner interviewing for a position.

The choice is up to you. Do nothing and lose or begin the process of competing against job seekers already ahead of you in the online world.