Inner Architect Listed in Prestigious Google Partners Directory

Inner Architect Listed in Prestigious Google Partners Directory

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Inner Architect, now Inner Architect Media LLC, has been selected for inclusion in the Google Partners directory a prestigious listing of the top marketing agencies around the world. Inner Architect Media LLC’s  directory listing is a culmination of hard work, client revenue growth, and ongoing education to retain Google certification. We are ecstatic to be part of the Google Partner directory!

Google Partners Directory Qualifications

The following elements were met or exceeded by our team at Inner Architect in order to be selected for a partner agency listing. Google Partners are recognized for:

  • Maximizing campaign success for clients
  • Driving client growth by maintaining clients’ campaigns
  • Demonstrating Google Ads skills and expertise with certifications
  • Managing pay-per-click campaigns with ad spends that total a minimum of $10,000 per quarter. (Inner Architect manages 6-figure+ ad spends on a monthly basis.)

Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

When we attained our Search certification in 2016, on the way to Google Partner status, our CEO Susan Hanshaw realized that the benefits would translate to higher performance for our clients.

Access & Support: Google Partners Directory

As a Google Partner, managing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns with a 6-figure plus ad spend on a monthly basis, we are provided the following benefits which positively affect our client’s revenue:

  • Google Product Representative: Our rep provides paid advertising and strategic campaign advice, ongoing monitoring of our campaign(s), data insight reports exclusive to the partner community, and breaking product-service news. All of this intelligence sharing, learning, and consulting provided by Google supports our job to provide the most impactful revenue generating PPC campaigns for our clients.

  • Education & Insights: Ongoing product education and certification opportunities which further our expertise and keep our firm on the cutting edge of the Google paid advertising universe.

  • Consumer Insight Reports: Per Google, this includes “access to global consumer insights to inform business decisions and unlock strategic conversations with clients.” This is another tool that can help us analyze our data and campaigns to further optimize their effectiveness.

Why Hire Inner Architect?

Since 2016, we have produced $300 million dollars in new revenues for our clients through our ad management services. That’s $300,000,000, for anyone counting, in some of the most highly competitive keyword driven industries.

“How Do They Do That?”

We learned from the beginning of our ad management experience that there is no “set it and forget it” formula to successful revenue generating ad campaign management. Unlike  other agencies who do the bare minimums and rarely monitor their campaigns, Inner Architect takes the following approach:

  1. Online and offline data collection
  2. Testing
  3. Quality Score optimization
  4. Writing and rewriting ad copy based on data
  5. Negative keyword management
  6. Monitoring campaigns every day to ensure continued progress
  7. Keyword testing and management

Rinse and repeat.  .  .  many times.

A Free Consultation with Benefits

If you would like to speak with us for a free consultation on how we may be able to help you grow, please contact us, email us  –, pick up the phone and call (415) 485-6961 or start a live chat on our website at

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