Inner Architect Click Fraud Article Featured in Plaintiff Magazine

Inner Architect Click Fraud Article Featured in Plaintiff Magazine

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We are pleased to announce that Inner Architect CEO Susan Hanshaw and Principal Dean Guadagni were featured in the March 2018 issue of Plaintiff magazine for their piece “The Dangerous Side of Online Legal Advertising and How to Protect Your Firm.” As featured writers for Plaintiff magazine, one of the leading legal publications in California, this was the sixth featured piece by Hanshaw and Guadagni since 2009.

Inner Architect and Law Firm Marketing

Inner Architect focuses on law firm marketing as a core competency and driving force behind our growth as a company. In this capacity, we have consulted with and run the marketing programs for law firms with practice areas that include highly competitive personal injury, employment law, toxic tort litigation, and racial and gender bias.

The following is our library of featured articles that have been published by Plaintiff magazine. Note: some of these articles were also featured in Plaintiff’s sister magazine, Southern California based, Advocate magazine:

The dangerous side of online legal advertising and how to protect your firm

A look at how billions of dollars are wasted on click fraud

2018 March

How to integrate online marketing and your client intake process

A look at Google AdWords’s place in your marketing plan, and the importance of integrating digital marketing with case intake


The convergence of search-engine optimization and social media

A look at how Google and the new Google+ help you leverage today’s digital-marketing opportunities

2013 November

Video marketing and the law firm

YouTube may be the direct descendant of cable TV, but here you get your own channel to tell your clients’ stories

2012 May

Blogs: Your superhighway to visibility

A blog is the hub and centerpiece for messaging and broadcasting practical suggestions on how to get your message out

2009 November

The four most important Web 2.0 tools for lawyers

Want to be on the cutting edge of social networking? These tips will help you maximize the latest trends in communication

2009 July

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