PPC Advertising

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We manage PPC (pay per click) advertising and marketing campaigns for a wide variety of businesses with monthly ad spends ranging from 6-figures to modest budgets. We continually see PPC marketing prove to be one of the best sales opportunities out there. There is no bigger buying signal than a potential client searching on keywords that define your service or product. Yet running a PPC campaign can be one of the fastest ways you can burn through a budget if you don’t have extensive PPC expertise.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing (also known as Adwords) is an online auction where marketers create ads and bid on keywords to attract visitors to their website. The beauty of PPC marketing is that you can experience results immediately. If your phone hasn’t been ringing with potential new clients calling, PPC marketing can turn that problem around pretty quickly.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

With competition for organic search visibility so fierce, PPC marketing is a good option for most businesses with even small budgets. Here’s why:

You set your own daily budget

With PPC marketing you determine how much you want to spend over a certain period of time. You can also set the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click to your website, and you can pause a campaign at any time. So there are controls set in place to protect you from ugly surprises.

Pay for only your best potential clients

PPC marketing enables your business to target your best potential clients through keyword selections, relevant ads, geographic areas and other filters. There’s no waste.

Fast results from PPC marketing

Once your campaign is live, it has the potential to drive traffic to your website immediately. You will see data about how your ad is performing in near real time. By responding to this information, you can maximize the effectiveness of your pay per click marketing dollars.

Level playing field

PPC marketing enables your business to gain top visibility alongside of companies that may have invested a lot more time and money in securing top positions in organic search.

How Businesses Can Be Successful with PPC Marketing on a Small Budget

PPC marketing can be effective for businesses with a small budget

Think Targeting

The most efficient use of your budget is targeting users who are demonstrating that they are in the right place in the sales funnel. This is done through keywords and ad copy. If your business is limited to a specific geographic location, adding those filters to your campaign reach will also aid in cost-effective filtering.

Relevant content

Sending visitors to a landing page that is specific to the search term and ad copy will increase conversions and help keep your campaign costs down. Never leave a paid website visitor on their own to find the call-to-action you want them to make. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they will be on and off your website in a couple of clicks.

In its mission to provide search users with relevant content, Google rewards marketers who attach relevant landing pages to campaign ads with a lower cost per click (CPC).

Always be testing

The key to maximizing results at the lowest cost is paying attention to what is working and implementing more of that in your campaigns. Always try to see if you can beat it with another similar tactic. You can’t push the envelope of potential success by settling on one ad and one landing page.

Why Choose Inner Architect for PPC Marketing?

  1. Expertise – Our Google Ads certification demonstrates that Google recognizes Inner Architect as experts in online advertising.
  2. Quality assurance – As a badged Partner Agency, Google holds Inner Architect accountable to the quality of the services we provide to our clients.
  3. Budget savings – We protect your ad dollars from being wasted on fraudulent clicks.

If you would like to generate new business through PPC marketing, contact Inner Architect at 415-485-6961.