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These are scary times. Never in our lives would we have imagined a time when we would need to take such extreme precautions to protect our health and safety. Yet, this is what is at the very top of your customers’ minds right now. So, what is the best way that you can assure your customers that your business is taking measures to protect them while showing them that you are delivering the same great service. A video message from your business.

Let’s discuss why this makes sense by exploring these questions:

  • What is a Video Message?
  • Why is Now the Best Time for a Video Message?
  • Why a Video Message?
  • What to Tell Your Customers and When?
  • How Do You Share Your Video Messages?

Why is Now the Best Time for a Video Message?

Since the announcement of the first U.S. death from the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been operating from the fear that the only place that we are safe is under shelter with those we live with. People want to return to the freedom to move about that we once took for granted. Although vaccines have been developed and provided, we still live in a time where the virus and variants are still attacking our world.

Businesses that are going to survive and thrive during this crisis will be those that tell their customers and prospects how they are responding to the changing restrictions and safety needs. The best strategy in today’s times is to communicate periodically to keep them informed. Video is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for these critical messages.

Why a Video Message?

During times of uncertainty people yearn for compassion and empathy. Text content relies on precise word choice, punctuation, and emoticons to portray emotions. With video, viewers are able to absorb a speaker’s message, and connect with them, by observing body language, verbal tone, and other visual cues.

By delivering a video message, your customers can feel like they have met you. This can translate to a stronger sense of support and loyalty to your business. People naturally prefer to do business with those they know and trust.

Videos can extend beyond verbal and nonverbal communication by including b-roll (images and other related footage), which further strengthen the tone.

What to Tell Your Customers and When?

Now more than ever, your video messages should express that the highest priority for your business is the safety of your customers.

When communicating about your business’s response during the pandemic, it’s important to speak with empathy and express your company’s collective support to your customer base and your community. A tone that says that we are all in this together will go a long way.

Next, provide detailed, actionable information that will be useful to your customers right now. Inform them of any new policies that your business is adopting at this time to keep your doors open while weathering the storm. For example:

  • How are you ensuring that your workplace and employees are adequately sanitized on an ongoing basis?
  • What measures are you taking to maintain proper social distancing?
  • Are specific offerings being added or temporarily eliminated during the current phase of the crisis?
  • What guidelines would you like your customers to follow to ensure the safety of your employees?

In California, restrictions are being governed on a county-by-county basis. Rules defining opening criteria are based on business type. Your business may be allowed to reopen yet if COVID-19 cases spike, it may be required to close again temporarily.

This means that your video messaging should keep updating your customers according to the current state of the pandemic in your local area.

How Do You Share Your Video Messages?

As an online sharing platform, YouTube is a natural place to begin sharing your video messages.  If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, you’ll need to create one.

Once your video is published on YouTube, a snippet of code will be provided to enable you to embed the video message on your website.  This will allow visitors to view the video directly on your website without having a massive video file slow down your site’s load speed.

Either embed the video or place an eye-catching call-to-action asking visitors to watch the video on the home page. These placements should be made above the fold so that visitors can see the messaging without scrolling down.

Your social media platforms provide for another excellent opportunity for sharing your video messages.

According to Statista, Facebook video content produced higher engagement rates in the first quarter of 2020 than any other type of posts —6.15% versus 4.48% for image posts. On Instagram video stories get 38% more engagement than images, according to research by

According to Oberlo, YouTube has 2 billion actively monthly users who watch 1 billion hours of video each day. Most important, 90% of these users say they discover new brands, services, and products on YouTube.

If your business has an email customer list, you can share your video messages through an email campaign. Most email clients limit the size of attachments you can send by email. This can prevent you from sending videos. Instead, you can place an image from the video in your email content with a link that will bring your customers to your video.

Video Messages Produced by Inner Architect

We at Inner Architect are honored to offer video message services to support small and medium sized businesses through challenging crisis.

Our video messages are delivered to you with a production quality designed to suitably represent your brand in social channels or on your website.

A member of our production team will come to your location to shoot the footage that will tell your story. Our video producers take their temperature prior to the video shoot and come fully equipped with masks and gloves.

Our video message production service includes:

  • Onsite shoot
  • Messaging consultation and client service
  • Editing
  • Music selection
  • Delivery of final video

Why Hire Inner Architect to Produce Your Video Message?

First, Inner Architect is your one-stop shop. Not only can we provide exceptional professional video message production, we can help you to get your message in front of your customers and other like-minded people who could become customers.

Need help with YouTube, social media, or email marketing? We’re here for you.

If you have a bigger budget and want to expand your reach with Google ads, we are a Google Partner Agency certified in search. Prefer Microsoft? We provide Microsoft (Bing) ad management services as well.

What Experience Does Inner Architect Have in Video Messaging?

We feel grateful to be able to offer our video message service that is led by a partner with such incredible chops. Danny Skarka is a talented Production Executive with 15 years of global experience in creating, developing, and producing high-quality digital and broadcast content for a wide variety of clients. Danny Skarka has collaborated in live broadcast productions with BBC News, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, PBS Newshour, and Al Jazeera and served as Producer-Director for some of Google’s highest-rated YouTube content.

To learn more about our video message services, give us a call at 415-485-6961 or reach out through live chat or a contact form.

And most of all, stay healthy and well. We’ll get through this together.

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