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PPC Marketing

CA Law Firm PPC Marketing

$450MM In New Revenue for Clients

Inner Architect Media LLC (IAM) PPC (pay per click) management has  generated thousands of leads which have produced $450,000,000 in new revenue for our clients since 2016.

With monthly ad spends ranging from modest to six-figure budget, our PPC specialists manage advertising campaigns for a wide variety of businesses.

PPC for Business Development

In a time where high organic search engine rankings can take years to develop, PPC can immediately increase your brand’s search visibility and allow you to attract high converting  customers. We continually see PPC advertising prove to be one of the most effective business development opportunities out there. There is no bigger buying signal than a potential client searching on keywords that define your service or product.

What You Get with a Free PPC Audit

The PPC Audit measures and assesses the performance of your current PPC campaign(s) and management effectiveness. It includes but is not limited to a review of the following elements which impact performance:

  • Optimization scoring: Optimization scores, which range from 0% to 100%, are a projection of how well your Google account is set-up to perform, how closely the oversight has been on the account, and how diligent the PPC manager is to keep it optimized.
  • Bidding strategies: Automated bid strategies have overtaken manual bidding as the most efficient way to bid. Are your campaigns leveraging machine learning to optimize performance in every auction?
  • Negative keywords: Discover whether negative keywords are being used to  maintain a targeted focus, so ad campaign targeting is not excluding high quality potential leads or including low quality irrelevant leads.
  • Conversion tracking: When conversion tracking is set up properly, you can begin to see a roadmap to follow to get more leads most efficiently. Without such a roadmap, you can’t answer questions like: What specific keywords are influencing positive results? Which ads are the best producers? Are there particular times in the day that stand out?
  • Lack of testing: Even if your strategy is performing well, you won’t find something that produces even better results unless you test. Testing your keyword targeting is vital yet testing for ad copy is just as important. Even subtle word changes can have a significant positive or negative impact on performance.

Why Choose Inner Architect for PPC Marketing?

Don’t leave your PPC marketing program to an inexperienced, ineffective agency that lacks Google certified specialists. Here’s why we are different.

  • Google Partner agency status
  • Google certified in Search
  • Listed in prestigious Google Partners Directory. One of only 2,508 agencies listed in the United States. (8,766 digital ad agencies in US 2022)
  • named Inner Architect One of the Top 9 Pay-Per-Click Agencies in San Francisco 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022
  • Google Ads certification demonstrates that Google recognizes Inner Architect Media as experts in online advertising.
  • Google quality assurance as a badged Partner Agency, Google holds Inner Architect Media accountable to the quality of service we provide to our clients.
  • Click Fraud Protection service that protects your ad budget from being wasted on fraudulent, undesirable clicks
  • Better lead quality by leveraging offline lead data, we integrate information about the quality of each lead through our Google ad management. This enables us to drive our targeting from a perspective of lead quality rather than simply lead volume. This is especially valuable for clients with high lead acquisition cost thresholds.

Why Should I Consider PPC Marketing?

If your phone hasn’t been ringing with potential new clients calling, PPC marketing can turn that problem away pretty quickly.

Here are a few important scenarios and reasons why you should consider PPC marketing.

Compete immediately: The beauty of PPC marketing, if done right, is that you can experience results immediately even when you’re locked out of organic search results.

Visibility problem: Your website is unable to break into the organic (non-advertising) SERPs (search engine results pages) for your most coveted keywords. These coveted positions are being dominated by your competitors. Google Ads can help you gain visibility with those currently unreachable new prospective clients today.

Your competition’s poor PPC management:  Their ad campaigns are ineffective, they are making serious mistakes, leaving you the opportunity to step into that void and drive new prospects to your site.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

With competition for organic search visibility so fierce, PPC advertising is a good option for most businesses with even small budgets. Here’s why:

You Set Your Own Daily Budget

With PPC advertising you determine how much you want to spend over a certain period of time. You can also set the maximum price you are willing to pay for each click to your website, and you can pause a campaign at any time. So there are controls set in place to protect you from ugly surprises.

Pay for Only Your Best Potential Clients

PPC marketing enables your business to target your best potential clients through keyword selections, relevant ads, geographic areas, demographic targeting and other filters. There’s no waste.

Fast Results from PPC Marketing

Once your campaign is live, it has the potential to drive traffic to your website almost immediately. You will see data about how your ad is performing in near real time. By responding to this information, you can maximize the effectiveness of your pay per click advertising dollars.

Level Playing Field

PPC advertising enables your business to gain top visibility alongside of companies that may have invested a lot more time and money in securing top positions in organic search.

How Businesses Can Be Successful with PPC Advertising on a Small Budget

PPC marketing can be effective for businesses with a small budget

Think Targeting

The most efficient use of your budget is targeting users who are demonstrating that they are in the right place in the sales funnel. This is done through aligning keywords with users’ search intent. You can also target your ads based on location, age, gender, and more.

Relevant content

Sending visitors to a landing page that is relevant to the search term and ad copy will increase conversions and help keep campaign costs down. Never leave a paid website visitor on their own to find your desired call-to-action. If they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they will be off your website in a flash.

Always be testing

The key to maximizing results at the lowest cost is paying attention to what is working and implementing more of that in your campaigns. Always try to see if you can improve results by testing various components in the campaigns. You can’t push the envelope of potential success by settling with an initial campaign setup.

How Inner Architect Media Develops Your PPC Plan

The work begins with identifying your marketing goals. Although this seems simple, in many instances sharing discussions about your goals helps us to uncover additional goals that should be considered of value. Our campaign planning and setup process includes:

  • Keyword research: What keywords are searchers using to find information on what you have to offer? What are the search volumes, average cost per click, and level of competition?
  • Budget: Decide on a comfortable level of investment.
  • Bid strategy: Determine which automated bid strategy will best help you achieve your specific business goals.
  • Campaign design: How will the keyword targeting be organized to achieve the best results most efficiently?
  • Landing page strategy: Is there an existing web page that can effectively convert visitors into leads, or will some content development be necessary for success?
  • Ad copy and asset development: We strive to create ads that appeal to the targeted search queries and support high quality scores for highest ad rankings.
  • Ad schedule: We work with you to determine the most effective time to run ads, depending on the call-to-action.
  • Geographic and demographic targeting: We typically take your direction on targeting initially, but conversion data may find that certain adjustments could be made to maximize your ROI.

Once the PPC plan is established, we will hold a meeting to review the plan and listen to your feedback. Upon agreement the work begins.

Constantly Monitor to Improve Results

We don’t “Set-it and forget-it” when it comes to building your PPC campaigns. This is not an automated process that can be reviewed once a month. Our philosophy and process, that has helped us build $370M in new revenues for our clients, is based on constantly monitoring your campaign(s) to ensure new leads and revenues are being generated.

  • Keywords: Eliminating irrelevant search queries, adding new keywords, and staying on top of the changing search trends (the way your audience searches for you) are crucial for continuous success.
  • Bidding: Like any auction participant, we must stay aware of the competition to win. New players stepping into the auction may require new bidding strategies.
  • Ad copy: We consistently review ad performance and test new versions to maximize results.
  • Ongoing analysis: IAM routinely analyzes layers of campaign data to recognize trends that suggest where adjustments can be made to support the trends.
Inner Architect Media #1 priority is you

Our #1 Priority is You

We understand that each client requires individualized service. We are extremely focused on developing strategies and results. We are not a set it and forget it agency. We work hard for and with you to ensure every campaign delivers the best results possible.

We are results driven

We are results driven

We free you up to do what you do best. Our idea is to help you understand how your PPC marketing efforts are performing by sharing data analytics and outlining how you are excelling and where we can improve results.

Principled honest approach

Principled honest approach

We are proud of our work and the relationships we forge with our clients based on trust, communication, honesty, and integrity. We use best practices in monitoring each campaign to ensure we fulfill our clients' goals.

Transparency is key

Transparency is key

At Inner Architect Media, we believe in helping you understand how we work and what we are executing for your PPC campaign. Our PPC experts deliver campaign and ad group reports that keep you informed.

PPC trends

Understanding PPC trends

We are constantly monitoring for Industry changes that require new strategies, methodologies, and best practices. Our experts not only adopt the best approach to change, but we will make sure you are informed of these market changes.

ppc experience

Experience & knowledge

We are blessed to work with smart people who have experience in many industries. Our PPC experts and marketing specialists have diverse skill sets that allows us to successfully partner with businesses in multiple industries and niches.

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