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Live Chat Services

Live Chat Services in San Francisco

Discover the Benefits of Live Chat

A significant percentage of your website visitors will never communicate with you because you don’t offer them a way to anonymously engage and ask questions. Did you know that live chat services could offer those “invisible drive-by” site visitors a reason to communicate with you?

And did you know that live chat is one of the most cost-efficient and highly effective website conversion strategies?

Live chat is not new technology, yet many businesses have not adopted live chat for their websites.

Why? The answer is simple – most business owners don’t understand what live chat is, how it works, and why it can be a revenue producing strategy.

You may have a SEO program, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and a full content marketing schedule that is driving significant traffic to your site. But one big challenge may remain: your website is not converting enough visitors to new clients.

It’s time to get serious about live chat services but you may not know exactly how it works or where to begin. We hear these concerns over and over from clients and prospective clients who contact Inner Architect.

Why Inner Architect’s Live Chat?

You may have a deep understanding of the importance of live chat, or you are just beginning to research the value of live chat services. In either case, if you contact Inner Architect, we offer a free consultation to guide you through the details of live chat, answer questions, and showcase how live chat will benefit your business. 

Inner Architect Live Chat services are backed by our years of experience in building successful scripts for our agents, ensuring our clients agree on what constitutes a lead, and delivering conversions and new revenue.

Here is a preview of what you will learn about Live Chat and what Live Chat services include:

  • What is Live Chat
  • How Does Live Chat Work?
  • Why Should I Consider Live Chat
  • Benefits of Live Chat
  • Why Choose Inner Architect Live Chat Services?
  • How Does Inner Architect’s Live Chat Services Connect Us to New Clients?
  • Live Chat Services with Inner Architect

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a communication software tool and service that provides the opportunity for your website visitors to engage in real-time “conversations” without the visitors initially revealing their identity.

How Does Live Chat Work?

When the live chat code is installed on your website, a chat box displays on your website. The chat box is positioned so it’s easy to find but does not interfere with the visitor’s website experience.

What a Live Chat Agent Does

The goal of the chat agent is to engage with the site visitor to create comfort to communicate. The agent’s primary focus is capturing the visitor’s contact information.

What a Live Chat Agent Will Not Do

Inner Architect live chat agents will never attempt to answer questions about your business or field, or attempt to sell anything to your site visitor. The agent’s job is to connect the visitor with you.

Live Chat Step 1 - Inner Architect Media

Beginning a Live Chat Session

1. Once the live chat code is enabled, website visitors are invited to engage with a trained live chat agent (24/7) while browsing your website.

2. Seeing the greeting, your visitor then can type their question into the chat box to start their session.


Live Chat Step 2 - Inner Architect Media

3. A trained chat agent receives the question and uses a script customized to your business to engage the visitor and gather information about their needs or interests.

4. Your visitor reads the response in the chat box and has the option to continue making inquiries, provide contact information, or request to connect to you.

5. If a visitor requests to be connected, the live chat agent will immediately email you with the new lead. (Full lead reports are provided each month.)

General Texting Stats

  • Prospects who are sent text messages convert 40% higher
  • 64% of consumers think positively of companies that offer texting
  • Average adult spends 23 hours a week texting

Inner Architect’s live chat service is an affordable solution to engage your website visitors 24/7. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get begin to maximize your leads.

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