B2B Webinar Sales Tactic for Any Size Business

B2B Webinar Sales Tactic for Any Size Business

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Are you tired of reading 2,000 word website pages, 1,000 word blog articles, or 100 page case studies on how to leverage a tactic to boost your company’s sales? Inner Architect is launching our business strategies series of practical articles meant to be consumable in 10 minutes or less. First up in the series, how you can leverage the power of a branded B2B webinar to help convert your leads to sales.

CEO of MobileMonkey and Wordstream Founder Larry Kim’s, article 11 Incredible Ways Webinars Can Drive Company Sales and Growth, provides a valuable how-to resource for webinar best practices that can be used alongside our outline. Our tactic is a quick to launch sales strategy you can begin leveraging immediately.

Combine your Email Marketing Campaign with a B2B Webinar

Over the course of the past few years, Inner Architect has had success generating leads through best practices email campaigns. Through analysis of open rates, click through rates, time on site, pages visited, and other metrics we were able to see an opportunity to increase our conversions.

Challenge: Converting More Email Marketing Leads

Through our collected data, we found that we were averaging a 32% open rate on our emails or slightly above the average. We felt we could do better but how? The answer we arrived at was providing our prospective clients with more value by answering their unasked questions.

Scenario: Selling Click Fraud Protection Services with Email Marketing and B2B Webinars

In this particular scenario, our goal was to sell our click fraud protection services by introducing the benefits and massive cost savings of the service through email campaigns targeted to law firms with substantial Google Adwords programs. Although we were generating interest through contact form, phone, and email inquiries, our conversion rate was not as robust as we hoped. Somewhere between the initial interest to sign up and onboarding phase, we were losing people. Our follow up program was diligent but we didn’t feel we were “proving” the worth of our service.

Solution: Add Click Fraud Protection B2B Webinars into the Sales Process

We decided our prospects needed more information in order to make a decision, that a tutorial process for click fraud was important since it is a relatively new segment, and opportunity for a Q&A session could solidify our service’s benefits as well as prove our expertise.

Final Sales Process Overhaul: A B2B Webinar Add-On

Our new sales process was simple. We began launching our best practices email campaigns but added a step to the sales process. Our follow up in our previous sales model, was a phone outreach to those email participants who showed the greatest interest as well as those companies that made contact with us. For those leads that did not reach out directly but showed interest via email opens or clicked through to our website, we replaced our phone outreach with an email offer. The offer was a B2B webinar that would provide the following:

  • Preview how our service works, the benefits, and the time frame for set up
  • Q&A opportunity to pick our brains about the service
  • Strategy on how to take their advertising budget savings and apply those monies to new channels
  • Full overview of click fraud bots and malicious human click farms, trends in click fraud, and how to further protect their company’s marketing data


By offering more information through our B2B webinars, tutorial segments and a Q&A forum before asking for the sale, we have seen a significant uptick in our conversions from our email campaigns. Simply put, the B2B webinar series, offered once a month, has been the glue that our process was lacking to bridge the gap between prospect interest and converted sale.




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