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Case Study: PPC Customer Acquisition
Client: Anacortes Kayak Tours

Anacortes Kayak Tours (AKT) is a small family run business operating in the San Juan Islands region of Washington State. An award-winning travel company established in 2004, AKT offers tours that range from a couple of hours to a few days. Inner Architect’s Google certified team is helping AKT to acquire more customers through PPC strategies. The following is our Travel Firm PPC Marketing Customer Acquisition case study.

Key Results

Increase in leads generated for tours
800 %
Reduction in the cost per conversion
100 %
Decrease in cost per click
0 %


One of AKT’s owners had been running PPC campaigns for the business almost since its inception. With many other hats to wear for the business, especially during the busy tourist season, AKT was seeking a partner who could set an effective strategic direction for the PPC campaigns and generate more customers at a lower cost.

AKT did not have a conversion tracking mechanism in place so they were unable to determine the ROI of their PPC campaigns. With so many other responsibilities requiring attention, they didn’t have the time to test various ad strategies or closely study how PPC visitors were engaging with their website.

Our Approach

Prior to beginning PPC work, Inner Architect set up conversion tracking on AKT’s website. We undertook a complete analysis to identify what was going well and what could be improved upon. We implemented landing page and ad copy testing.

We discovered that one of the existing keyword strategies was driving unqualified visitors to the AKT website so we paused it. The conversion tracking enabled Inner Architect to learn that one of the tours that wasn’t being promoted through PPC was generating a majority of conversions for AKT so we created a new campaign for it. We also learned that rich copy describing the tour destinations and customer experience delivered significantly better results than copy simply featuring benefits, so we made landing page adjustments.

Key Results

In one month’s time, AKT has seen an 880% growth in leads generated by PPC campaigns. Inner Architect delivered this growth at an 80% reduction in cost per conversion and a 16% reduction in cost per click. If you have questions about our Travel Firm PPC Marketing Customer Acquisition case study please contact Inner Architect.

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