4 Best Practices YouTube Video Elements

4 Best Practices YouTube Video Elements

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There are 4 best practices YouTube video elements that are the foundation for every great video you will make for your company. Why should your business create video and place it on YouTube and why should that happen sooner rather than later?

People’s consumption habits are changing, and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened that transition. People want to learn, explore, buy, feel entertained and connect with companies more than ever before and video is the vehicle they are choosing. 

YouTube is the place to showcase your videos. The following are four critical pillars to building your YouTube video elements and creative.

Best Practices YouTube Video Elements to Build Your Creative

Business: Starbucks

First, Identify Your Prospective Customer’s Problem or Need

You must grab viewer attention immediately and the first step to accomplishing this is to identify a problem or need consumers are experiencing. This will provide the answer to “why” your audience should continue to watch your video.

In our new pandemic world, avoiding crowds and exposure to other people who may be asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19 is a critical problem. The need is a safe and quick method for consumers to buy their coffee while limiting their exposure.


“You don’t want to put your health at-risk and you don’t have time to wait in line.”

Second, Introduce Your Brand as a Solution

Starbucks is a staple in many people’s lives as coffee is an American passion. Starbucks is concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic and is taking steps to create new Pickup stores that limit customer’s exposure, provide quick service, and allow you to get on with your day right away.

YouTube has a 5 second window before a viewer can hit the SKIP button and jettison your ad. It is critical that you do two things within that first 5 seconds:

  • Introduce your brand with logo or graphic and script. That way if the viewer does Skip your ad, you have at least introduced your company for brand awareness purposes
  • Hook attention. Whether it is a well-known tagline or an offer, it is critical to grab the viewers attention so they can understand your complete value offer.


“Starbucks new Pickup store and expanded curbside service: place your order, avoid the crowd, our way of loving you back.”  

“Starbucks new Pickup store: Here’s to the best part of your day.”

Third, Share Features and Benefits

The ultra-premium coffee that Starbucks creates include features:

  • Arabica coffee bean aka the “Arabian coffee”, “Mountain Coffee” is believed to be the first species of coffee cultivated. It represents 60% of the world’s production
  • Regions include Latin America, Africa, and most notably Asia-Pacific
  • Choice: according to Starbucks they offer more than 80,000 drink combinations

Show images of country, farming, and baristas artistically creating your order.

Starbucks benefits include:

  • Rewards and benefits for loyal customers
  • New healthy lower calorie drink offerings
  • Deep rich, satisfying coffee flavors
  • Customized drink menu offering more than 80,000 options
  • Consistently excellent quality of ultra-premium coffee

Show images of rewards cards, new drink offerings, steaming cup of a freshly brewed drink.

Fourth, Offer and/or Call-to-Action

Once you have introduced the brand and hooked attention leading the viewer beyond the 5 second Skip option, you will need to present a compelling offer that rewards the viewer for watching your video. Follow up the offer with a definitive call-to-action.


“Try our new Pickup store and Bring on the day with a free Starbuck’s Venti drink of your choice. Order now and reward your taste buds.” 

Final, Final: 4 Best Practices YouTube Video Elements

There you have it. The 4 best practices YouTube video elements outlined and ready to go. Granted you can probably write more compelling copy than what I put together but that’s part of the fun of creating your new video.

Remember in our new world video is quickly becoming the go-to source of learning, buying, selling, and entertaining. Are you ready to make the move? More than 2 billion YouTube users are waiting for you. Just in case you are not convinced:

“We estimate that this year, more than 204 million people ages 14 and older will make an online purchase, two-thirds of which will be 45 and older.” –eMarketer

According to eMarketer’s Cindy Liu: “older consumers are becoming more comfortable shopping digitally.” For more information on shopping trends be sure to check out her article “We Expect 7.4 Million New Digital Buyers in 2020 as Pandemic Alters Behaviors.”

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